A deep cleaning

This morning as I was going about my business at work I found one of the 4 wheel dollies I was using didn’t want to cooperate. Turns out that one of the wheels couldn’t pivot, at all. When one of those wheels locks up like that it changes the entire operation of the dolly. That results in me having to work harder because the tool meant to make it easier to work is working against me. Back at the truck I flipped it over on it’s back and found that sure enough the wheel was frozen. Also turns out that I need more WD40 but I had enough.
I sprayed the wheel and began to move it around by hand to help the fluid to penetrate the grime. After a few turns I sprayed again and found it much easier. At this point I sprayed down the other three wheels and then the first one again. Those other three turned so freely, hardly any effort on my part to make them move but that first one still hesitated. A fourth application won the results I was seeking. The clear liquid streamed in and soon a backwash of brown fluid flowed out from all directions of the wheel. All the rust, dirt, and grease was finally being washed away. Over the next couple of hours I left that set of wheel laying it’s side to allow all the trash to drain out. Only after I encountered another set of wheels in need of cleaning did I put that previous set back into use.
Aren’t you glad God doesn’t work that way? One cleansing from Him is enough.
Now what we need to do on our part is to confess all the sins that we can honestly think of and then work on not doing them anymore. Confessing those sins is like how all that brown junk suddenly flowed out of the crevices around that wheel. With all that junk gone the wheel could perform correctly; with all that sin taken care of we can perform correctly for God. Till we do we aren’t much use to God and can find ourselves at some point sitting on the spiritual shelf till we do get cleaned up.
Just as king David found out in Psalms 51 God can and will cleanse and restore His children if and when we come to Him. That can be a little hard because it involves putting our pride to the side but it is so worth it.

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