Micah vs. Balaam


I was listening to the book of Micah being read the other day and I was reminded a little about the man. He was a prophet of God about the same time as Isaiah. A man called from the “backwoods” and as such this country preacher didn’t have much use for the big city, especially Jerusalem and Samaria.
Toward the end of his little book he mentioned the prophet Balaam who lived during the time of Moses. Balaam had been a prophet of God but loved money more. So when Balak kept calling him to come curse Israel he finally relented for the sake of the promised money. In the end he didn’t get the honor or money promised. He seems to have not done the wise thing and stay home, as that he ended up being killed by the Israelites. Lastly he is known throughout the Bible for his error in loving riches and power more than serving God.
Micah also gave the same quote that appears on the wall in New York City in the park over by the U. N. Building. However that quote while not marked as being taken from Isaiah is meant to be from his book and the wall is called the Isaiah wall. The reason being that the surrounding verses in the passage in Isaiah don’t seem as inclusive of God as the corresponding verses in Micah. Probably just the same anyways since Micah most likely wouldn’t have liked New York either. Though I do imagine Balaam would feel right at home inside the U.N. building.
Some men are called to preach to the multitudes while others are called to the few in number. Best thing each of us can do is to be obedient to the calling God has  placed on our lives and minister where we are sent. Micah didn’t like going to the big city but did as he was told. Balaam was told to stay home but craved the spot light and became a warning to others instead of a hero. For his part Micah didn’t become all that famous but it’s his prophecy that the priests ran to when word got around that the new Messiah had been born, Matthew 2:5,6.


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