An itch to scratch

I will admit that I like to both hunt and fish. Also I will admit that I am no good at either. There is a great deal of time spent just sitting while others are busy around be catching fish, shooting deer, and calling in the ducks. Still I enjoy it and though it has been awhile since I have done either I get that itch. When the season opens I avoid Cabela’s and Bass Pro like the plague because it is so easy for me to catch the fever.
The Bible tells us in John 21 how Simon Peter also had an itch to scratch. A need to go and do something familiar that he was better off not doing. After proclaiming to some if the other disciples what he planned on doing, even though he wasn’t told to do so by Jesus, he and six of the disciples went out fishing.
Perhaps in some way I am related to Peter because he too caught nothing.
With the morning came Jesus and he instructed them how and where to catch the fish. Following that Jesus showed Peter grace, mercy, and love as He taught him and the others on the beach that morning.
A few years later we read how Peter had gotten a new itch to scratch, one for serving the Lord. In Acts 6:1-4 we read that rather than give up their time for study and prayer to take care of the individual needs of the individuals in the church Peter and the other apostles created the first deacon board to take care of these matters. How does the saying go? A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Don’t scratch the itch if this world; it will turn out to be poison ivy, spreading and getting worse. Go right on ahead and take good care of those godly desires, so long as you do them God’s way.


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