As I was preparing to leave a stop today there was a somewhat older looking man and a little girl, who I would guess to be about 2-3 years old. He had just finished paying the breakfast bill and turned with the little girl to go back to their table. To do so they would have to climb four steps. She reached over and placed her hand on the wall and then raised her little leg to step up onto the first step. I couldn’t stay and watch her climb, no one was pushing me to get out nor did I feel wrong about watching her. It was a matter of how much it stung that my little girl won’t be doing that anytime soon. If your child walks and climbs stairs don’t take it for granted.
As I walked away the thought came to mind, will there be stairs in Heaven for my daughter to show off on with her perfect body(1 Corinthians 15:52-54)? I am no expert on the New Jerusalem. At the same time it really doesn’t matter. See one thing we know for certain that won’t be there are our failures. Our sins and shortcomings won’t be found inside those gates. In Heaven only the victories will be remembered as we go about in our new sinless perfect bodies. We may not even remember a time when my daughter couldn’t walk but if we do it will be because there is glory for Jesus to be found in the story of her overcoming through Him!
We need look no further than Hebrews chapter 11, the Faith Hall of Fame. Here is a cast of characters who had their faults, sins, and shortcomings. Take Rahab for example. This is the only place in scripture where she is not referred to as being a harlot (prostitute). How about how Moses killing a man or Noah getting drunk? Nope. Victory is the story. Don’t let your past failures and disappointments keep you down. Keep climbing, it will one day be worth it.


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