Companion books

Today I was thinking about how certain books of the Bible just go so well together. We call these books companion books. Readily recognized is how Daniel and Revelation go together. Joshua and Ephesians work together as do Leviticus and Hebrews. Dr. J Vernon McGee taught that Zephaniah and the Gospel of John go hand in hand.
Well this morning while I was reflecting on the church service yesterday morning I got to thinking how the pastor had referenced the book of Nehemiah a few times before he introduced me. He kept talking about how Nehemiah was building the wall and doing it correctly. My sermon came from 3rd John. It was about the testimonies of the three men listed in those few verses. Two of them were looking to do the Lord’s work His way and build up the church. While the other fellow wanted to do things his way and really wasn’t interested in building up anything other than himself. Nehemiah faced such a man in fact two men, one went by the name of Sanballat while the other was called Tobiah. They didn’t like how Nehemiah was doing things and tried to run him off, tried to join up and undermine the work from the inside, even wanted to kill him.
With the church that the Apostle John was writing to had strong men doing the work they also already had a man inside named Diotrophes who was trying to undermine the work. John wasn’t going to stand for this and intended to fix the problem once he git on the scene. Nehemiah for his part also had to deal with this issue. He had had to return to his previous post and as a result the enemy got inside. Now Nehemiah had to come back, run this guy off, and fix the mess.
Both of these men (John and Nehemiah) were commissioned by God to get the job done. They had each been supplied with faithful men and women to do the work and each if their books teaches us that we must always remain vigilant against satan and his forces. Because they will look for any little crack to use to gain entrance into our work for the Lord.


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