A dumb question

They say there are no dumb questions. It is also said that the only dumb question is the one never asked. Well, it seems when it comes to golf there is a dumb question. I had to make a delivery to a golf course out on my route today. Recently they started pad locking the delivery door so I had to go and find an employee who had a key. The only person I could find with a key was in the pro shop. Fortunately there were no other people around so he was able to help me out.
Generally when I have to call someone away from their duties I try to make some small talk with them about their job. I get to learn a little and they tend to feel like maybe I do care. When I first walked into the shop I had noticed a sign that read “90 DEGREE CART RULE IN EFFECT”. Being how the temperature ain’t getting above 70 now, I honestly didn’t know and thought it perhaps had something to do with the temperature and riding the carts around on the grass with it that warm, and perhaps the sign simply hadn’t been removed. So I asked my dumb question. What is a 90 degree cart rule?
This guy shot me the nastiest look. Stopped dead in his tracks and with authority and extreme annoyance in his voice stuck his arm straight out and said “360 degrees” pointing his right “90 degrees” pointing to his left “90 degrees” and turning “180 degrees”. Then still with that look in his eye he went on “you drive your cart straight out, make a 90 degree turn to your ball, proceed back to where you came from and make another 90 degree turn”. I told him I was sorry that I don’t golf. He snorted back “no kidding”.
A reply like that and yeah, I really have no intention of trying now. My dumb question left me feeling like unless I learned as a child I had no excuse for not knowing as an adult.
Questions are meant to help us learn. When I fill in teaching I try to encourage the students to interact, ask questions and give their answers. To me it is one of the best ways to learn.
We are told in Acts 17 about a group of Christians who wanted to have their dumb questions answered. The Bible tells us that the church in Berea search the scriptures daily to learn. They are even called more noble than the Jews at Thessalonica because they wanted to learn and put in the effort.
Personally I love when someone asks me a question about the Bible. Not so I can show off my knowledge or get the big head from the ego trio of being asked, but because it tells me someone wants to learn. The last thing I want to do is to make someone feel stupid because they don’t know. They may get offended and never try again. It probably won’t end up being a hole in one but who knows, answering their question might encourage them to be the next great preacher, Sunday school teacher, dad, or mom.


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