Gotten cold


Well it has finally gotten cold enough out for me to go into work with a sweater on, not zipped up though. Strange how things change like that. I remember being a kid with my parents on vacation out in South Dakota and we went and took a tour or a cave system out there. Wish I remembered the name of it but I do recall that they proudly proclaimed that they had discovered nearly 90 miles worth of caverns there but we would only be covering 2 mile. The tour guide even told us to go back to our cars and get our jackets because it would be cold in there, about 49 degrees they said.
Me, I’m from the Chicagoland area so temperatures of 49 ain’t nothing. Oh and this was the second week of August that we were there. Now each night we did get pelted for a few minutes with some hail the size of dime and nickels but day time it was hot. Naturally we arrived in shorts and no idea as to where to get a jacket, but to be honest it wasn’t like we were skinny.
I had no problem gong though the cave in my shorts and t-shirt, that I weighed about 250 or so helped. In fact that was kinda where I was going earlier, the weight issue. At my heaviest I weighed in at 310 or so. It bothered me that I weighed so much but to me physically it didn’t seem so. For years people kept harping on me about how much better I would feel if I lost weight. Finally I did start to lose weight. Got down to 212 and must admit I have slacked off and am back up to about 240. I need to lose the weight again because if my DOT recertification in January. In spite of how good I am now supposed to feel I don’t feel it. Still have the same pains and problems as before and in fact since I lost all that weight I have a new problem. While I still don’t like the heat I get cold too quickly. Guess there really is no pleasing some people!
In Acts 13 we read about a young man who at some point had had a change take place in his life, his name was John Mark. When the Holy Spirit commissioned Paul and Barnabas to become a missionary team John Mark had joined up with them as well (v5). At first it appears all was well but slowly John Mark started getting cold and finally by verse 13 we read of him leaving the team and going back home, back to where he was comfortable. Perhaps the “colder” he got the more those around him assured him he would be fine and feel better if he just toughed it out. Maybe no one did and that was the problem, everybody just assuming all was well with him. I don’t honestly know. Getting cold is a fact of life but one that we can take a stand against.
See years later there was a man who was also dealing with the cold. He was in a dark dank prison. It wasn’t like our prisons today where the prisoner lives better in there than on the outside, prison back then was a bad place. There was no heat, little light, and if you wanted to eat you needed friends on the outside providing food and water for you. This man now lived in such a place and while writing to a friend to come help him he requested three things to warm his old bones in the coldness of his cell. 2 Timothy 4:13 “The cloak that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee” this cloak would help Paul maintain his body heat. He also requested “… and the books, but especially the parchments” these writings would include both the Old Testament as well as some of the letters that would go on to make up portions of the New Testament and would thus serve to warm his heart. The final thing he wanted was for young Timothy to bring a particular person with him when he came. This man would warm his spirit. In verse 11 we find that Paul wanted Timothy to go get John Mark “and bring him with thee: for he is profitable to me for the ministry.”
The same man who years before had gotten cold on the Lord had had the ember that still burned in his heart fanned by his uncle Barnabas. At some point he had been reconciled with Paul (Colossians 4:10) and had spent time with Simon Peter (1 Peter 5:13) who we believe was his source material for the Gospel according to Mark. Yes the one who had grown cold had gotten on fire and was now useful.
Just because someone grows cold on the Lord and His work doesn’t mean God is through with them. If Jesus could restore John Mark and Simon Peter for that matter He can bring restoration to anybody, I should know Jesus did it for me as well.


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