Background noise

This morning I was watching a video that Pastor Greg Locke posted on Facebook. In it he quickly mentioned about our need to cut out the background noise in our lives, so that we could listen for the still small voice of the Lord (1 Kings 19:12). He continued on but I found myself intrigued by the thought. In fact I was reminded of a story of two men walking through the park and as they neared the end one man stopped and said “my, listen to that cricket.” The 2nd man asked what cricket and the began to ask how anyone could possibly hear a cricket with the noise of the cars driving by and all the people on the sidewalk talking. The 1st man suggested a quick experiment, reached into his pocket and produced a few coins. As they reached the sidewalk between the park and the street he threw the coins onto the sidewalk. The metallic sound of the coins striking the hard concrete chimed away and many people turned to see where the coins went. “My dear fellow we train ourselves to hear what we want to hear. I have chosen to listen for the little things and these people have just demonstrated how they have chosen to listen for the call of money.”
With all that in mind I decided that today must be a day of fasting, from background noise. Not all fasting is done from food; there are many things in this life we would be better off without. The background noise I am trying to go without is the radio in my truck. Which was problematic at first. Because just as I started out for my route I saw the time and began to reach for the radio to turn the station to hear some preaching. I thought better of it because while I need to hear God’s word I know me and I will keep listening after the sermon is over with and that will defeat my fasting. Yes I am depriving myself of some spiritual nutrients but we do the same thing physically when we don’t eat. Whereas then the body begins to use the energy stored up as fat this fast is helping me to hear. And lest we forget Jesus did say that we are to fast, Matthew 6:16.
Already after only a couple of hours the Lord has been showing me things. One thing is that often we “fix” a car by turning up the radio so we can’t hear the noise. The repair still is required but we are ignoring it, same thing spiritually when we ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Another thing is the need for the noise. I for one can’t sleep without a fan, the louder the better. Quietness drives me insane. We crave the noise to distract us from what is really going on in our lives. For some people they turn to drugs or alcohol others throw themselves into work and so on.
The fact of the matter remains we seek out the noise to get away from something maybe even just to get away from our thoughts, those sure can be scary. Still though I would suggest for everyone to try it. Elijah did and God restored him, until that point this man of God was broken, worn down, and even suicidal. Satan sent as much background noise as he could (with God’s permission) to get Elijah’s attention (1 Kings 19:11,12) but once he started to listen to heard the still small voice. We can train ourselves to hear when God speaks but we must listen to know what He is saying to us.


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