The best it’s gonna get, I guess

Acts 12:6 we find Peter sleeping in prison. Now this passage can be preached a couple of ways, and we are gonna look at the negative to make the point here. James the brother of John was executed in the beginning of this chapter and now Peter is in prison waiting to also be executed. The apostles were all human, and death is a fact of life for everyone.
Peter could easily have been resting just waiting for a miracle or he could have just figured God’s will was gonna be done one way or another. He could have even given up; figuring this was the best it was gonna get.
Fortunately God’s ways are higher than our ways. So often service for the Lord requires we go downward in order to rise for the Lord. The church truly flourishes when persecution comes. Joseph had God given dreams but went down into the pit, as a slave rose to the mastery of Potipher’s house only to go down into the depths of the prison, but God established him soon after as the prime minister of Egypt. David was anointed to be the next king of Israel yet spent about 10 years hiding in caves from Saul.
For Peter it wasn’t his time to die, God still had plans for him. Plans that included using him to write two books of the Bible and training a young preacher named John Mark.
We may be down now. Confident that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train. Satan guaranteeing us that God can no longer use us because of our failure.  That however is not the case. The best is still to come. Even if what we are doing ends in death heaven is waiting.


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