Fully yielded

Coach Bobby Knight once said that everyone wants to win but not everyone is prepared to win. People desire the prestige of a position, the money a job pays, or the perfect body. Yet when it comes time to put in the required work most check out. Some go on though but lack the required patience for their turn; which may lead to them cheating to get ahead or stopping short of their destination. The few who thrive and reap the fruits of their labor tend to appreciate it more. Why? Because they were fully yielded to the goal, understanding that they had to pay their dues. And of course there are those who inherited what they got and only had to wait for it to be handed to them.
We will deal with that last group first because it seems that since it was handed to them on a silver platter the respect for what they got is just seemingly not there. I am reminded of King David who did just the opposite, he has been anointed to be the next king of Israel yet had to wait many years before he received it. During which time he had to fight to survive, lead a rag-tag group of people with little supplies, was constantly having to prove to the king that he wasn’t trying to take the throne, and wait patiently for what God had promised him. Yet so many other people out there would not have been as patient as he was and would have demanded of God what He had promised.
The one who sums up the first few points though is King Saul. When he was first anointed he seemed to fit the bill. He had the looks and the anointing of God to be the first king and even appeared to be humble when he was first call out by the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 10:22). Soon it seems power got to him. He expected everything to go his way and did things his way but he didn’t follow God.
He became so yielded to self-interest that he was willing to kill his first born son, Jonathan for the crime of winning a victory that should have somehow been Saul’s (1 Samuel 14:37-45). Sin had become Saul’s master and it blinded him spiritually and mentally. Even leading him to seek advice from a witch and neglecting God (1 Chronicles 10:13).
He was only fully committed to self just like so many others are. When we strike out on our own instead of following God we are showing our true commitment. The more we splurge on sin the less we have for God. By splurging I mean of our money, time, mind, will, talents, and such. While God requires our tithes He also wants our offerings as well, that which we give that is above our tithes or 10 percent. Being greedy and never giving above the minimum doesn’t help as much as we may think because there are other blessings God has at the ready for those who will trust Him, who become committed to Him.


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