Suicide is a bad decision

1 Corinthians 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”
Today marks the one year passing of my aunt. Her husband came home and found her in their bed. She entered eternity having had enough of this life. The particular reason she had is unknown, though she had many. Let me be clear here, there is no good reason to end your own life nor do I wish to debate it.
My aunt was a strong will woman who said suicide was for cowards, but things change. She seems to have made up her mind that with all she was going through that the thing to do was to apply a permanent solution to her temporary problems. We as a result miss her.
The pain and suffering may be over in this life for that person but what about those left behind. Those who now have to deal with their loss and are  left to wonder if there was anything they could have said or done. It is especially difficult when the one who died was so strong. Our own frailty is reflected in their surrender.
God holds our time in His hands, so suicide is just our way of saying “I quit” to God and to everyone we love too. The trouble is what about eternity? If you ate saved by Jesus Christ then you enter Heaven missing  out on blessings, rewards, and your testimony is hurt. Should the person who dies by suicide be lost they have ended any chance of going to Heaven and now find themselves forever in Hell. There, there will be no more chances to be saved.


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