The Need

Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.
A couple of years ago the Lord began dealing with me, at the time I didn’t know what about exactly. I just knew something was coming up. A few weeks later my parents came up from Tennessee and while they were here they informed me that they were going to give me a small truck and that when I had time to fly down there and drive the truck back. When the time came I flew down there spent a few days with them and drove the little blue truck back. God supplied the need.
It did however seemingly put me in a bit of a bind. We now had 4 vehicles to put plates on, insure, maintain, and drive. I am certainly not complaining because God had it all worked out already. My green truck was developing problems and I am no mechanic, so fixing it cost too much for me. It ran but needed work. A few months later a friend of mine knew of a family that needed a vehicle bad so they bought the green truck. God supplied the need.
Most of time I left the blue truck in the garage because me and my wife can only drive 2 cars not 3, but the little car I was driving for work decided one cold February day to not start again. So the blue truck was called upon to take me around. God supplied the need.
It doesn’t end there though for this little car. After months if sitting, with plates due soon, and a code that said it needed a new timing belt which would run over a thousand to fix, the youth pastor at our church needed a second car. His father-in-law was willing to help him get the car and fix it. They bought it and despite the code reader saying it needed a new timing belt it didn’t just a couple of other things done and it runs great for them. God supplied the need.
God also laid it on my in-laws hearts to buy us a new van because our daughter who has Cerebral Palsy was getting to big for us to get her in and out of my wife’s jeep. God supplied the need.
Two weeks after we got the van I was driving the jeep, because I need a little suspension work done on the truck, I was involved in a fender bender. The other guy blew a stop sign. Everyone was okay. I drive the jeep home, to work the next day, but after work the check engine light came on. My code reader can’t read the jeep for some reason. Right now I don’t have the money to fix it and the other guy had no insurance. So I am only driving the jeep to and from work. Yesterday I got to go preach at a church that was over an hour away, and it was a blast the whole day long. The little blue truck came out of the garage again and ran like a champ. On the way out there I began to think of this blog and how God had already supplied the need for this day two years before hand. My wife had an obligation at our church and had to have the van for her and our daughter but God wasn’t worried about it He had already supplied the need.


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