Is it real?


The other day I was driving down a back road before dawn, as I approached the intersection there were some of these orange street lights. The intersection was no where near as well lit as this picture. As a result the sight I witnessed was wondrous.
The nearby trees were dropping their leaves. In the pale orange light each leaf took on the appearance of embers of fire floating around. It sure looked pretty but once I realised what it was I was really seeing the scene lost it’s magnificence.
2 Timothy 3:5 “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” There are many people out there that put on a great show but that is all. The people are well entertained but no true power is flowing from God through these individuals.
Their own charisma is the only power they have and that is all. I do not want to be like this. When people hear me preach I want them to see Jesus lifted up, to know that not only does God love them but He is the only one who can help them, and that I make known to them the only true way of salvation by Jesus Christ. The King James Version is the only Bible I preach from but I will go and preach wherever God sends me. I do not want to just put on a show with my sermon I want to lead others to the help God has for all of us. Sin must be not only preached on but against. I am not a prosperity preacher nor a faith healer. What you will hear is that God hates sin, loves the sinner, hell is real hot and eternal, heaven is real sweet and not going to be boring and Jesus died to pay the sin debt that each of us owe. To be saved all each of us has to do is accept the fact we are lost and deserve hell, confess this to Jesus, ask Him to save us and forgive us our sins believing that if we do He will save us. That there has true power and is the kind we each need.


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