Suicide conversations

I can’t honestly sit here and claim that I was ever ready for some of the conversations about suicide that have come my way. It would be nice if I could but no point in lying either. Now, that is not to say that I hadn’t expected to have them though, I knew they were coming.
One of the first I had was over Facebook. A friend of mine was concerned over a friend of hers who was talking about ending their life. My wife woke me up to tell me I had this pm and what it was about. Very quickly I had to wake up, collect my thoughts, and hold a conversation with someone who was on Facebook with me and on the phone with her friend.
Recently I was asked about suicide and God’s will. Seems one lady has a relative who has come to the conclusion that suicide can be part of God’s will and he preaches this to anyone who will listen. Suicide does not send anyone to Hell it is merely the means by which a person leaves this Earth. Samson was a judge of Israel (Judges 14-16) he killed himself and we don’t read about him again in the Bible until Hebrews 11:32. There in the Faith Hall of Fame Samson’s name is recorded. To the Jews their name means everything about them so to have his name found there of all places tells us that God still loves Samson and still owns him as one of His. With that being said however suicide is not part of God’s plan. He gave us life sin gives us death.
A few weeks back a 14 year old girl’s boyfriend broke up with her. She tried to overdose on some meds. God’s grace and mercy were called out for and she is making a full recovery. I had just preached at the church she attends a few days before and the pastor contacted me about her. For the record doe 10-14 year olds suicide is the #4 killer. Fortunately she went with pills instead of a gun. Females are 4 times more likely to try suicide but males are e times more likely to die by suicide. This is primarily because of the chosen method. Males aren’t typically worried about leaving a mess so they go for the gun. Females generally are concerned with such things and will use things that usually aren’t as messy.
The other day I was at a church presenting my book, Suicide: The Bible and Today, I was also allowed to preach on the subject as well. Afterward I had a few people come up people come up to me to both buy a copy and talk about suicide. Some had stories of their own attempts. One lady told me about her aunt who lost both of her children as teenagers many years ago to suicide. She is hoping to learn enough about suicide from my book so that she might finally ask her aunt about her cousins.
Truly the way to deal with suicide is to bring it out into the light. Too many people are just not interested in the subject. This thought process fosters shadows and cover for the feelings. Truth be told we don’t want to talk about it but if we will learn about it we might be able to help someone one day. It may not be a relative it might be a total stranger. Either way having a conversation about this monster could make all the difference in the world.


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