Going it alone

There are many times in life when we need to do things by ourselves. Spiritually speaking though that doesn’t seem to be a wise decision.
Hebrews 10: 25 says “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is”. When Jesus sent the disciples out he sent them in pairs. Often we see in the book of Acts the work being done by two or more. Even when Paul was being shipped off to Rome two of the brethren (Luke & Aristarchus) went with him. Granted there are times when God sends someone out by themselves, such as Philip in Acts 8, but for the most part it is groups or 2 or more going forward.
Going it alone is not always the best idea though. There in Acts 12 we find Herod not only arrested the Apostle James but executed him. Was he by himself when this happened? It worked so well for Herod that he had Peter arrested as well and planned to kill him. Kinda looks like he was alone there to. Strange given how he was usually teamed up with John. There is also Stephen back there in the later half of chapter 6 and in chapter 7 where he is preaching and is murdered for it. Again, he is seemingly going it alone.
As I said if the Lord directs a person to go by themselves then follow His will. If He ain’t then take someone with you. One can do the witnessing while the other prays or runs interference for all the things that Satan will send to try and stop the encounter. The 2 or more can draw strength from one another. Either way follow God’s will and see His purpose fulfilled in your life.
Just one mor fella who went it alone, Enoch. He walked with God Genesis 5:21-24. In his case after 365 years of living on this planet God took him to Heaven. He was going it alone and like like all the other examples I gave he also was going with God. So when we go with God it works out according to His will. We just have to trust Him as each of these men did.


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