Today is my birthday. To me it really just feels like any other day. One more trip around the sun has been completed. Not even a footnote in the pages of history. I don’t celebrate it because it isn’t a big deal, its just me. My daughters birthday is a big deal to me, as well as my wife’s though we make less of it than our daughters. Some people also think I like do and some are worse about it. There are people that it don’t matter it is a time to party and if I get invited I’ll play along.
Life. Birthdays commemorate life. Granted the few times when birthday celebrations are talked about in the Bible it seems something bad happens (Job 1:4,18,19; Matthew 14:6-12) those are the exceptions not the rule as some religions would have you think. We each have our opinion about it.
There is however another birthday that is very important. As my pastor would say, “we want you leaving this earth with 2 birthdays because one isn’t good enough. That is the day you are born physically and the day you were born again spiritually.” Jesus said in John 3:7 “Marvel not that I say unto you that ye must be born again.” That second birth means you have confessed to Jesus that you are a sinner and need Him to save you. That you asked Him to save you believing that He will do as He promised He would do.¬† Once you have done that you will receive the greatest birthday present of all time, eternal life in Heaven. Romans 6:23b “but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” That is far better than spending eternity in Hell because you rejected the free offer of salvation from Jesus.
Do you have 2 birthdays?


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