Regrets are terrible things to live with. The burning desire to change the past, to put right what once went wrong. All the while knowing you can’t. It stinks.
I like to refer to the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes as the book of regrets. In it king Solomon outlined all his human efforts to please himself and how everything came up short. He even talked about how he was so disappointed with life that he would rather be dead.
Job, as he was going through his great trial spoke often of regrets. Even to the point of both wishing he was dead or that he had not survived child birth.
Regrets breed depression and both feed off all the negativity in our lives. They guide us down dark paths of self destruction. Each longs to tear us apart.
Both of these men I mentioned though while descending into despair didn’t remain there. Each man saw their personal need for God in their lives. Job declared that his redeemer lives (19:25) and his book closes out with him trusting God, praying for others, and being restored by God. Solomon finishes the book of regrets by basically saying that his conclusion was to reverence God (fear Him) and obey His instructions (commandments). Words to live by.
To hang around regret will only bring more regret and sorrow. This world generates enough on it’s own it doesn’t need our help. Stay with God,read His word, fellowship with other believers, and trust and obey Jesus. Regrets will be pushed aside that way.


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