Building projects

Growing up I loved building with Legos. Once I had built what every the model was supposed to be I played with it. It was once I got tired of the model that the real fun began. That was when I disassembled it and with my own imagination started creating by re-purposing the bricks. I may not be any good at building but I do so enjoy it.
Now that I am an adult my bricks are bigger and much heavier. My goal is to also build the project and be done with it. One of my first projects was a 10′ x 15′ patio in our back yard. Just so I would have that much less grass to cut.


Back in 2005 as the Chicago White Sox were marching their way through the playoffs and the World Series Victory I laid over 2200 bricks to build a carport in the back yard a well.


For my wife’s very first Mother’s Day, though she was only a few weeks pregnant, I built her a rose garden (which it is currently fall so bushes are covered up).


Later on I added a wishing well to make the landscape flow better. Again with it being fall the fountain is covered already.


Contrary to popular songs and ideas about Heaven we are not building a single thing up there. Jesus is the Master builder and He has already built everything in Heaven. We are all just waiting for the Father to give the order to come get those who have been blood bought and take us home.
What a home that is going to be! In the boo of Revelation the Apostle John got to take a little glimpse of Heaven and then faced the awesome challenge of trying to put into human words the description of the glories that await us. At one point he described the New Jerusalem coming down looking like a bride adorned for her husband on their wedding day (21:2). We are told the place is so perfect that God will wipe away all tears (21:4). There are 12 gates to the city and each one is made out of a single pearl (21:21). Twelve foundations support the city (21:19,20). Only one street is found there and it is made of gold that is so pure it is like looking through glass (21:21). In verse 16 we read that the city is roughly 1,500 miles square. That is 1,500 miles length, width, and height. This isn’t even the full description given in the Bible of Heaven and that isn’t even the full sight we will see there.
While I doubt Jesus built it brick by brick as I did with my projects I do know His joy (Hebrews 12:2) for building such a city for us was by far greater than anything this world could hope to do.


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