Love or fight???

John 13:34 “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”
Recently I witnessed an assault on Facebook. An old time preacher made a statement about his study habits. One fella who is a Facebook friend of his went on the attack. He was vicious and a couple of others joined in. Some fiends of the old preacher came to his defense. It wasn’t pretty.
In fact it was down right petty. It revealed to me another group of people who live for the opportunity to destroy anyone who doesn’t line up perfectly with their beliefs. A group that seemingly will do so at the cost of pushing souls toward hell because they can’t operate in love given their agenda. Very sad.
Yes I only use the King James version of the Bible. I do word studies, not to correct what the KJV says but because I don’t have perfect knowledge of all the words in the Bible and even the words I know often I am surprised to learn how much things have changed with the English language the last 400 years.
But the in-fighting that people feel is so necessary doesn’t help at all. By all means take a stand against heretics, false doctrines, bible perversions, and feel good no sin preached here speakers. Someone who has been solidly standing on the Word of God and just happens to have a slightly different point of view should not be attacked so. Save it for the real enemy. Such attacks are like segregating your army in time of war just because of the color of their skin. Pure stupidity. This sort of behavior is what Satan wants to see and the first thing that sinks in in the minds of the lost. If that is how we truly are in the worlds eyes why would they want to be saved in the first place?
Jesus said to love one another as the first commandment not after we have judged others to be less then ourselves.


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