Control issues

When it comes to my job I know what I am doing. To be teaching someone else my route, the product, and the computer is something else all together for me. As I said I know what I am doing so my natural instinct is to take over. Don’t wait and don’t be patient.
After 2 weeks this guy should have it all down pat by now. Running the route with perfect time as I would. This is too say the least completely foolish. The guy I am training is completely new to all this. To expect so much is ridiculous though. It is not his fault that we are late, he is learning.
Yes I have control issues. ‘I know what to do so just let me do it my way.’ Issues where I don’t feel right handing over control to one who must learn for themselves. Even times when I don’t want control, let someone else do it even though I know full well that I should do it. It’s just one of those things.
In regards to someone learning what to do, my words have a limited reach. He need to take my knowledge and apply some practical experience to it in order to truly learn.
I think that was the prophet Elisha’s goal when he sent his servant Gehazi ahead of him with his own staff to try and raise the dead boy to life again (2 Kings 4:29). How well had Gehazi been learning? Was he capable of following in Elisha’s footsteps as Elisha had with Elijah?
Elisha had to let Gehazi try on his own. It didn’t matter if he failed or not too much because Elisha was coming behind him, but he did have to make the effort. And whats more Elisha had to surrender some control to allow his servant the opportunity.
No teacher should ever want to see the student fail but failing is a part of the learning process. If the teacher always maintained complete control there would never be growth. Both for the student and the teacher.


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