Massage message

The other day the wife and I ended up at the mall to get a massage. At first I was just gonna sit back and have her get one. But on our way to the store front she touched my arm and quickly I realized how much I needed one too. So we both got a 10 minute chair massage.
Since I don’t get them often enough I tend to have far too many knots that need broken. This time was no exception. As the man went to work on me the pain grew. Much of the pain was due to the pressure he had to apply to my stubborn knots; at the same time some was from my body’s resistance to his corrections.
Knots in the muscles are wrong and must be treated if the muscles are to work properly. Problem is we can get a little used to them and not necessarily want to fix them. We know more pain is coming if we try to fix them. Greater pain is coming the longer we go without correcting the problem. Also our range of movement gets hindered. As well as our ability to perform certain tasks because of those knots.
Sin in the spiritual life of a Christian works the same way as those knots. It hinders our progress for the Lord. Holds us back from our proper spiritual growth. Most importantly it must be corrected or broken. It is not something we can do of ourselves we need outside help.
If I were to ask you, what is the first thing that comes to mind about Job? Most will answer about his patience during the hard test he endured. Some will no doubt bring up his children dying suddenly and the loss of his wealth. Others will point out his accusing friends. Perhaps someone would mention his wife.
What if I told you that there was more to the story? That his three friends were closer to the truth than any realized? They kept accusing him of secret sin. Their accusations kept pushing him to justify himself over and over again. It also led to him confessing such sin with him, his friends, and most people who read the book of Job completely missing it. Job suffered from I-trouble or pride. It was there and it was building. When you read chapters 29&31 you may easily lose count of the number of time he refers to himself (the total is well over 150). Yes God was putting satan in his place, teaching his three friends a lesson, but also He was breaking some spiritual knots that were developing in Job’s life. It hurt bad but was needed even more.
Not all the suffering we go through is a result of spiritual attacks or punishment for our sin. God has to work on so He can work properly through us. Sometimes He has to break something in us because a problem is growing and we may not even realize it. Remember with God no trial is ever wasted, He is moving. It is not a matter of us just having to grin and bear it but seek God to help you through it.


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