The attack in Paris

I don’t have all the details about what happened at the moment in Paris. But my thoughts are for the people there. They stood by America when 9/11 happened and we stand by them on 11/13.
I would like to add this though. A recent poll found France to be 90% Muslim. At one time not long ago France was a Christian nation. I can’t help but think about Leviticus 26: 8 where God promised to bless the Israelites in battle and that just 5 men would be able to chase off 100 of the enemy and 100 would beat 10,000. Then in Deuteronomy 28 God promised that disobedience would cause the nation of Israel to run the same way and worse before their enemies. Now I know I am trying to apply promises made to Israel to Christians but hear me out. Christians are suppose to be God’s people yet we act more and more like the world everyday. As a country God promised to bless those who blessed Israel and curse them that cursed Israel. So a nation as a whole that turns it’s back on God is in for some trouble. Now we think we killed Jihandi Johnny on Thursday, that’s possibly one man they then turned around and killed 120. That is just plain Biblical.
When will we see our need to get back to God, both as individuals, as a nation, as the whole of Christians?

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