A true loss leader

Sitting here waiting while the oil in the car is changed. Next to me is this fine looking truck, I think the tires on my car would fit inside the tires on it lol!


I am not a “car guy” or a “truck guy”. I can not look at a vehicle and tell you what year it is or how big of an engine it sports. I can appreciate the looks of certain vehicles and at the same time there are vehicles I refuse to like no matter how many curves they have (Corvettes for example).
Corvettes are just like this truck partially pictured here. They are what is known as a “loss leader”. For such vehicles it is not a matter trying to make money on them for the company it is a matter of revving your engine to get you inside the show room. Once inside maybe you take a test drive, some may even buy the auto, but most will accept that they can’t afford it and since they are there look at another car and the odd are you will buy something else while there. The company is actually loosing money by selling the “loss leader” but makes more money by leading you into the showroom with said car. Those that they do sell are moving bill boards for the company, leading others to come check them out.
There is a different kind of loss leader out there. The company is not one that makes money but does deal with the wealth of the ages. Only one purchase was ever made; one which you could say led to a big loss for the one who paid for it.
Jesus, He is the one who did the purchasing. The loss leader He offers is Salvation. It cost Jesus everything to purchase it and then He turned around and started giving His Salvation away for free (Romans 6:23…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord). Gifts are free to receive but cost the person who bought them.
The company is not like one you find on wall street but is a group of believers. Those who have already accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior (Hebrews 12:1). Each person who has been truly saved is a walking advertisement for what Jesus both did for them and what He can do for others (Acts 1:8).
We are all in need of new life because one day this body is going to die and then the soul is going to spend eternity somewhere. For those who are saved it is Heaven, for those who have not asked Jesus to save them it will be Hell. Hell is a very real place where the person who goes there will suffer for all of eternity both mentally, physically, and spiritually forever. Never will there be any relief for those who go there.
Why? Because now is the only time available to confess to Jesus that you have sinned and want Jesus to forgive and save you.
What does it cost you to get this then? The action of belief. If you believe Jesus can and will save you then ask Him to save you. He has promised that He will (Romans 10:13).
This loss leader is giving it all to you. Will you accept it?


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