The other night I got to hear a very challenging sermon on the topic of obedience. The preacher started in 1 Samuel 15:22,23 where Samuel told Saul that “to obey is better than sacrifice…. rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft”. Now let’s be honest we generally speaking don’t practice witchcraft. Yet the man of God under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said that disobedience or rebellion is the same to God as witchcraft. And God hates witchcraft, to the point that those who practice such dark arts were to be put to death Exodus 22:18.
Isn’t a great thing that God’s grace and mercy flow so freely for us then? Because we are all human and have moments where we don’t do as we are told to do. Because if those 2 things weren’t readily available He in His thrice Holy Righteousness would have to put us in the grave.
In fact I was just thinking of the story of Jonah in regards to God wanting to extend grace and mercy but Jonah was being disobedient.
Jonah’s story embodies grace and mercy.
The sailors asked for grace and mercy.
Jonah didn’t preach grace and mercy.
The city needed grace and mercy.
God constantly provided grace and mercy to everyone.
Finally Jonah understood grace and mercy.
All while Jonah wasn’t being obedient. Somewhere along the line though he learned obedience, otherwise we wouldn’t have this book in the Bible nor would it just suddenly end with a question mark. Obedience will stop you dead in tour tracks and get you moving with God, His way.


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