Wait training part 4

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength”. I noticed something about that yesterday when I went to the gym with my wife to workout. We had gotten our daughter off to school and then we left to go do some errands. Once we were done we stopped off at the gym but not until after we had eaten. Now we didn’t eat and then walk into the gym. We ate stopped at one more store where I confirmed a book signing event for my book (Suicide: The Bible and Today) this coming Saturday and then we went to the gym.
What I found today I didn’t like. My heart rate on the stationary bike was 15 points higher than normal. Previously I have not eaten before I went to the gym. So I at this time must conclude that eating before hand is a bad idea. Perhaps my body is busy already trying to digest lunch and now I am asking it taxing it more by following up so closely with a workout.
Thus got me to thinking about our text verse, no where does it mention eating first. We eat to get out strength back but this verse we renew our strength by waiting on God. Jesus said when ye fast (Matthew 6:16) not if you fast. When we fast we are intentionally denying ourselves life’s pleasures for the purpose of gaining spiritually. Many Christians are walking around looking healthy on the outside but spiritually suffering from atrophy because strength is not properly being sought. The effort we are making is solely in our own strength not the Lord’s. That is hurting far too many Christians today.


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