Being busy

Ephesians 5:16 “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”
The day after Thanksgiving didn’t see me rushing around to all the Black Friday sales. Instead I hit the gym with a preacher friend of mine for a couple hours of fellowship. Next my family and I ate and went to church to use a back room there to work on a no sew fleece blanket for my mother-in-law. Our house is small and we really needed a lot of room to make it, plus a couple of tables underneath to save our backs. It was a fun time together.
Once we got home I had one more project to do that I kept forgetting about. There was a great deal of fiber and hair built up around the axels of my daughters transportation chair. The time had come where I really had no choice one wheel was almost locked up because of it. It only took a few minutes and the wheels were free again.
Time with friends, time with family, projects done. Nice day. These are things we need to do from time to time.

In our text that word “redeeming” means to make wise use of every opportunity to do good. Spiritually speaking we also have projects that need to be done. We must take time from our busy schedules to pray, read our Bibles, and tell somebody about Jesus. Each day we move closer to the end of our lives or our ability to do these things. Our mind might go out on us. Perhaps our body breaks down and fails us. Just as now is the time to be saved if you are not already now is also the time to be working on these things. To better our fellowship with God, to help someone else have a relationship with God. None of us knows how much time we have left to serve Jesus and work on our testimony.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Dictionary


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