Lacking strength

We took our daughter bowling Saturday. She gets to use a ramp while sitting in her wheel chair. This lets her push the ball down the lane. Also to aid her she gets the bumpers raised so no ball finds its way into the gutter.
I on the other hand have to do it the good old fashion way, I have to earn my pins. I don’t get to go bowling very often anymore. At one time I carried a 180 average. Considering I don’t bowl pro, in tournaments, or on a league I thought that my average was respectable.
As I said though I don’t go as often anymore. Consequently I didn’t come very close, 147 was my final. In fact in the 6th frame me and my handicapped daughter were tied. I told my wife that I know what to do and was indeed going through the motions but I lacked the strength.
No participation results in no effort being put forth. No effort being made means strength is being lost. If you don’t use it kiss it good bye. I have done that without even trying. Of course that is how it happens to everyone. No one sets out to loose strength it just happens, but it happens faster and easier than we can imagine.
In Luke 9:23 Jesus said “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” That is daily exercise, such work will keep up our strength. Our problem becomes where we skip a day here and there. Then we wonder why it is so hard to pick up our cross and do the work and it is because we are out of shape. Continuous exercising, continuous effort on our part will bear fruit.
It’s that or we will waste away.


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