Stained glass


Stained means a discoloration produced by a foreign matter having penetrated into or chemically reacted with a material.
Stained glass: glass that has been colored especially by baking pigments into its surface or by having metallic oxides fused into it.

At any rate the glass is no longer clear enough to see directly through it. Light to some degree is able to pass through but the ability to see what lies beyond has been hampered. You can know something is there based on the light not passing through the stained glass as normal. It is a built-in hindrance. One designed to look pretty and I will admit I like stained glass but a hindrance bone the less. There are times when it serves a purpose, and other times when it does not.
Stained glass is meant to serve as a decoration. There are times though when people become obsessed with the looks of it and miss all that is around it.
Recently I have doing some studying on the subject of pearls. And in so doing I have learned a little about a verse in 1 Timothy that I never quite grasped. In 2:9 we read “…that women adorn themselves in modest…” okay, no problem for me there. As a Christian I don’t need for any woman to be walking around showing off her body especially at church. “… with shamefacedness and sobriety”, shamefacedness means in her mind she is also modest so the outside matches the inside, that’s good. And sobriety tells us she has self control. But here is the part I didn’t get, the ending of the verse “…not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array”. What was the big deal there? Turns out back in that day pearls were so precious that having them was a badge of honor, and the more you had the greater you were. Some women went so far as to cover entire gowns with pearls. It was the whole “look at this” verses look at Christ. This whole verse is not about keeping women down or in their place but to help them make sure that the light of Jesus is shining clearly through them.
None of us who have been blood bought by Jesus have been called to a “look at me” role like stain glass is. We are to let our light so shine that others might see Jesus and see their need to be saved as well. Don’t obscure your light by dolling yourself up but do try to dress nice. After all dirt on a window blocks light just as well as stained glass.



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