A missed deer thanks

When I get up to go to work part of my prayer that I pray before leaving the house is for God to bring me home accident free. We are told to pray about everything (Philippians 4:6) and that includes our safety.
Well this morning I had a near miss. As I was driving down a dark road I caught some sudden movement to my left. Instantly a deer lunged out into my path attempting to cross the road out of her sudden terror at my approach. That is just how deer are. I had just enough time to jam on the brakes (yes I was doing the legal speed limit). The truck barely missed the deer.
This miss brought a measure of relief to me. The deer wasn’t hurt or killed, I would hate to waste the meat or it’s life being how there was no way to take the meat home. Secondly, it meant I didn’t have to waste my time. Had the truck struck the deer I would have had to have made out a police report for my company to explain the damage to their truck. That would have cost time just waiting for the cop and then the paperwork. Also I would have had to have gone to the clinic after work and done a drug test. I have no problem taking the test as that I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. But all the hours of waiting for my turn to finally go in back and take the test would have been dreadful.
God answered my prayer, enough was given to slow the truck down and road conditions were dry enough (it had rained earlier) for the brakes to take hold. To some people missing that deer may not have been a cause to celebrate but to me it is. It once again proves that my Heavenly Father hears me and answers my prayers to Him!


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