A few months ago my wife and I met up with an old friend of hers and her daughter at a local mall. We call her daughter our niece, my wife and her friend having been friends for many years now. As we sat and talked it was obvious my niece wanted to walk around, she wasn’t quite 2 years. I figured the thing to do was to take her and let the women talk, I knew this would give momma a much needed break.
As my niece and I walked around the mall I am sure I was quite the sight. I was constantly stopping and starting, spinning in circles, and going back and forth. To those who could see they knew it was because the 6’5″ man was following the little girl who wasn’t even 2 foot tall.
One of the stops we made was in a jewelry store. Here I continued to watch my niece, watch where I was going, and quickly reply “no thank you” when asked if I needed help. Finally a clerk asked yet again if I needed help but this time the tone of concern was in her voice. I was acting strangely. With a smile I replied “future shopper” this brought the concern to her face. At that point I pointed downward to my niece and all the clerks took notice of the adorable little girl I was with. They hadn’t meant too, but they over looked my niece.
1 Timothy 4:12 “Let no man despise thy youth…” Paul knew Timothy was a good man of God. But that there would be those who were concerned about his youth, lack of formal education (seminary training), perhaps even his level of experience. That there would be people who would over look him. When God calls you to do something for Him He will empower you so that you can do it.
Too often though there is someone else who will over look us for the job that God wants done. Our self. We think we can’t, it is just our selfish desire to be used, or it is just all in our head. Don’t over look yourself when God opens the door. It may shut if you don’t walk through it and then you will miss out on what was there for you.


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