I heard

Out on my route sone construction had taken place. On the expressway I use for the last couple of years beyond where I exit some work was being done. As that I never had need to go that far I wasn’t concerned with it. This past summer an intersection I turn at had been completely reworked; I had no idea as to why. It made no sense to me.
One day as I was driving passed the village hall I noticed that their electronic billboard was reporting that the expressway ramp was open. Well of course it was open, I have been using it for years. What caught my attention was there was also a street name attached. The street that I usually turn on to make the jog around because there is no ramps from the expressway to where I was going.
Could it be that there now was? That all that construction that I knew was taking place but didn’t understand was actually for my benefit?
Well that was a month ago. Because of my schedule I couldn’t check it out to see if it was true. Thus week that changed. Provision has been made and a slightly faster way has indeed been provided. I could have checked sooner but if I was wrong it would have cost me a great deal of time in back tracking. I had heard but lack of faith held me back.
In Ruth chapter 1 we learn of a family who because of famine left Israel and moved to Moab. They over stayed themselves and the husband and both sons died there. The mother at some point heard that God had once again began blessing His people in Israel and that the terrible famine had ended. Finally she had decided to return home. Here is the thing, when had she heard? Could her lack if faith in the news she heard cost her the life of some of her family members? Perhaps she didn’t hear until after the men were all dead, I do not know. What I do know is this, she finally began acting upon what she had heard.
Lately I have been thinking of things and wondering if something is being built up in mine own life. Could God be preparing me for some work? I do not know. At the moment they are “rumors” but they are definitely something to pray about and seek God’s will in the matter. How about in your own life, can you see little things that have the potential to add up to something new for you? Now us the time to start asking God about those things you have heard.


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