The shepherds

Did you ever notice that in the Charlie Brown Christmas special something happens that rarely if ever occurred? It happened when Linus began to quote from Luke’s gospel. Linus the character who always held on for dear life to his security blanket dropped the blanket while he quoted from the Bible. Charles Schultz not only fought to keep this passage of scripture in this t.v. special but using this imagery showed Linus to have his true security to be in Jesus. So that as he spoke from scripture he didn’t need his earthly security because he had his heavenly security.
In that same passage of scripture Linus gave us is the shepherds. These men who when the angel first appeared to them were afraid. But after being told to not be afraid and given the message of the Saviours birth these men whose livelihood depended on the safety of their sheep left them and went to seek the new born King.
I am sure they returned to their job after they got done spreading the news of having seen the Saviour first hand. But for a few hours they didn’t need the sheep or job they had something much finer in their possession and like Linus they dropped the things of this world in favor of the security of Heaven.


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