The only two

In Luke chapter 2:22 we read how that the time had come for Mary & Joseph to bring Jesus,as a baby, to the temple so that Mary could offer her required offerings (Leviticus 12 her burnt offering and sin offering). The temple was the hub of the religious activity of the nation. Hundreds perhaps thousands of people were coming and going daily even hourly yet when this couple walked in with their baby only two people noticed.
The first was an old man named Simeon or Harkening (means to listen to). God had revealed to this faithful man that he would get to live long enough to see the blessed Saviour he had prayed for. His faith was rewarded as he was guided by the Holy Spirit to the young couple. He got to hold Jesus in his own arms, proclaim Him to be their salvation, and for Jesus to be the light for the Gentiles as well (which covers me and most likely you dear reader).
In verse 36 we meet the other person, a woman named Anna or grace. She was very old, around 106, but she didn’t let her advanced age stop her from serving God at every opportunity. Anna proceeded to tell everyone she could about the good news of the birth of the Savior.
A young couple trying to figure out how they can go about serving the Lord with all their problems met a couple of older people who weren’t worried about what the world thought of them, only what God thought. The only two people who paid attention to them may have taken them by surprise but they encouraged Joseph and Mary that day and set an example for us today. You might be the only one who can make a difference for someone in their life, would you be willing to do it?


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