Did it have an effect?

In Genesis 50:24,25 Joseph in his final days spoke of how one day God would come for the children of Israel and lead them up out of Egypt and into the promised land. At the same time he took an oath from the various heads of the tribes to take his bones at that time and carry them up to the promised land and bury them again there.
In Exodus 13:19 we read how when the Israelites were being run out of Egypt by Pharoah and led of God Moses took the time to grab Joseph’s bones and bring them along for reburial over in Canaan. For over forty years those bones traveled with the people, a symbol of great faith in God to do as He promised He would do. Finally in Joshua 24:32, after 40 years of wandering in the desert and another 5 years of fighting to take the overall control of Canaan Joseph’s bones were buried at Shechem. So powerful of a testimony of faith was this desire by Joseph that he is remembered for it in the Faith Hall of Fame of Hebrews 11.
We know Moses took the bones but who carried them while the people traveled about. Over a year was spent at Mt. Sinai making the tabernacle. There were a few weeks of travel to there and from there. The forty days of waiting for the spies; plus the days of mourning the passing of Moses. More time waiting and preparing to enter Canaan and then the five years of fighting. Obviously Moses didn’t carry those bones the whole time. Someone had to help in some way.
Given how only 2 of the previous generation got to cross over maybe Joshua or Caleb had spent time with the bones. Maybe it was a matter of those bones being dead so they were off limits and forgotten about until someone started unpacking, nobody wanting to be ceremonially unclean for having touched them. They may have been dead bones but the faith that filled them was alive.
There are Christians today who are walking dead bones. Their faith is alive but dormant. They have all but given up and as a result others are missing out on the help that would be available if only the “bones of faith” were dusted off and remembered. How can faith be passed along if it is not handled. It takes more than a few to get the job properly done. Unfortunately less and less are willing to carry it on and the negative effects are showing.


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