Hats ON

I have a hat that I wear for work when it gets cold out. Just a regular old baseball style hat. The thing is it has the logo of a local jewelry company on it. They gave it to me for free a few years back. I wear it because I have no great concern for it. No emotional or financial investment in it. Should it get dirty, damaged, or lost I will not cry over it. It is just a hat.
The thing is this, every now and then someone asks me what I do for that jewelry store. They completely ignore the jacket I have on with my name and company logo on it. And every time I have to stop myself from saying out loud, “would you think I played for the White Sox if I had that beloved hat on?” Generally I simply reply that it is just a hat. Who would have thought such head gear could draw such attention?
Must of us ignore the one time in the Bible where the word “hats” is used. We understand that some form of hat was worn. We know of the head dress that the high priest wore and then there are helmets as well. But there is that one time that the word “hats” is used. It is over in Daniel 3:21 “Then these men were bound in their coats, their hosen, and their hats, and their other garments, and were cast into the midst of the burning fiery furnace.” Typically hats would be included with the “garments” but not here. This incident is the one where the 3 young Hebrew boys were being thrown into the furnace for execution for refusing to bow before a false god. However God chose to take them through this certain horrible death was up to God. They just knew that they were only going to worship their God. God honored their decision, was with them in the midst of the fire, prevented both the flames and smoke from touching them, and even removed the ropes that bound them. Once the king called them out they walked out of there with a testimony unlike any other.
You see those hats they wore might as well have been helmets of salvation. They were visible signs of what they had inside them. If someone were to ask them what they did for God they could say in all honesty they could point to their hats and say, “I serve Him”.


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