Do you live with regrets?

There are three books of the Bible attributed to Solomon: Song of Solomon, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes. The first is thought to be from his youth. Next from perhaps middle age. Finally the last from his old age after his multitudes of wives had turned his heart from the Lord.
If I were to do a report on Ecclesiastes I would indeed title it, the book of regret. In it he chronicles how he tried everything under the sun to bring himself peace and happiness. While he did acknowledge that there is an appropriate time for all of that (3:1-8) at every step he neglected God. Indeed it isn’t until only a couple of verses even remain in the book before he realizes it for himself (12:13,14).
While this is certainly not the first time I gave written about both this book and the thought of regret, I do not believe it will be the last. I believe far too many people are living with regret in their life when it comes to the things of God. We all have regret for the things of this world. Perhaps there is something God has called you to do but you have neglected to do it. Or you know you need to study the Bible more, pray more, witness more, or something else in your personal walk with Jesus.
Good news! It is not too late! Get started now, make up your mind to forget the excuses and go with God.


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