Is there room?

I was thinking the other day about memorizing scripture. How many of us who are truly saved have made it a point to memorize scripture? If we were forced to confess how many would be embarrassed? Well you see I learned a verse a couple of year back.
I will admit I find myself lacking here. There are so many verses that I know where they are located just either not well enough to quote correctly or exactly where it is found. It is a problem of finding room in my busy schedule to learn a verse.
Truth be told there is also a difference between memorizing a verse and learning a verse. Memorizing is just that memorizing the words, while learning the verse is understanding the meaning and use of the verse.
Psalms 119:11 “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” By placing the word in his heart the psalmist was laying claim to have learned it, otherwise he would have said he had stored it in his brain or something to that effect.
Finding room in our busy schedules can be difficult but not impossible. It is a matter of how bad do we want it.


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