The Token

Luke 2:8 says the shepherds were “abiding in” which means camped out. These rugged men were camped out on the hillsides, or so they thought, till verse 13 when a “heavenly host” appeared. That word ‘host’ carries the idea of an encamped army! It wasn’t for attack though, in verse 12 these shepherds were given a ‘sign’ or token to look for when they went to seek the new born King. Other babies might have been born that night or very recently but the token would show them that they had found the right one.

Now if you go to an arcade and you will find that the machines take tokens, only those will work, your quarters won’t in the machines. what you have (money) ain’t gonna do it, you need what the one in charge has to get it done. In this case it is salvation, and only Jesus, that baby born that night, can GIVE it to you.


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