Slain with a jawbone

Judges 15:16 “And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.”
Samson was a judge of Israel and here he had been surrounded by the enemy. They thought they out numbered him but it turned out Samson and his jaw were too much for them. I don’t know if he killed everyone that had come to fight him or if some got smart and quit while they were behind but at least 1000 people died that day. A testament to the power of God on our behalf.
I would like to talk a different testament today. Those who are destroyed with a jawbone. Slain by such a cruel instrument to wield. Now I have heard people jokingly say how Samson killed those people with jawbone if a democrat (the donkey or ass is the symbol for the democratic party) and even how he used the jawbone of a specific person to get the job done (trying to reference the person as a donkey or worse). I would submit though that that last one isn’t all that far off.
You see many lives down through the years have been hurt, destroyed, or even killed by someone running their mouth, flapping their jawbone when they have no need to. The evidence isn’t there, it is just gossip being repeated, a rumor being started just to hurt someone, or information that doesn’t need to be shared at all.
A jawbone slaying testimonies, marriages, jobs, and even pushing people to try suicide. The jawbone is very powerful and it requires an equally strong person to properly wield it. Can you and I be such people?


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