Are we paying attention?

There is something interesting about Matthew’s account of the arrival of the wise men. It is understandable that those men didn’t know where the new born King of the Jews was, they weren’t from around there. But why didn’t Herod know? Yes he was a puppet of Rome and only partially Jewish but given how desperate he was to hold onto his throne (killing family members, sons, political rivals, etc.) why not pay attention to the word that had been going around of late about the birth of the Messiah?
Shepherds and two old kooks were running around telling people for over a month, at the least, about having seen the child for themselves (Luke 2). Was it simply because of the messengers that he ignored the issue? That only when rich and prominent people spoke up, the kind one would think should be speaking up, that he decided it was worth listening too?
How are we when it comes to what God is trying to tell us? I am guilty of having times when I don’t listen. I dismiss it as just mine own ego or some such thing. Until finally God has had to set me down and explain the situation to me. Fear of the unknown also is a reason we don’t listen. If we are ever gonna see results for God we are gonna have to start paying closer attention to Him.


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