No gentlemen here

Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”
I remember as a boy going past these so-called “gentlemen’s” clubs. All my young mind could picture were a bunch of men sitting around playing cards, wearing monocles and top hats, and saying things like ‘cheerio’. You know, things that gentlemen do.
Obviously I have since learned the truth, there is nothing gentlemanly about those places. They are dens of sin.  I am reminded of this every time I turn on a sports talk radio station and they break for commercial.
Right now the lottery is over a billion dollars. How is gambling sin you may ask? A couple of things come to mind. People tend to mismanage their money so they can buy as many tickets as possible to try and win the prize. They end up shorting themselves in some area, bills, food, rent, or all of the above. It is also a tax by the government on the mathematically challenged. The odds are so long (that’s how it has grown so big) and it was started to help with the schools but didn’t stay that way. Now so much is held back so that politicians can use it right before election to buy votes. Plus for Christians to gamble is a sin because it is declaring to God that you do not believe that He can supply all your needs and don’t overlook the fact that everything we have really belongs to God, even that couple of bucks to buy a single ticket for the fun of it. So that is stealing from God and being a lousy steward of what He has provided us with to take care of.
Sin taxes don’t mean that it is no longer sin. Legalizing sin doesn’t make it right either. Nor does our shifting moral stance make it right in God’s eyes. There are no gentlemen when it comes to sin.


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