There is still value there


There it sits all boarded up. The ground is over grown. Wood is rotting away. Glass windows broken. It might be that the door has been kicked in and there could be holes in the roof. Somewhere the owner is ignoring it because they see no value in it. Might be worth while to strike a match and walk away.
On the tax rolls though, there is still value. My bet would be that those taxes haven’t been paid in quite a while. Still to the treasurer there is value.
A true child of God who has gotten away from Him still has value. We still belong to Him no matter how badly we have behaved, treated our bodies, or destroyed our testimony. There is still value. How do I know? Well if the person is still breathing they still have a purpose in God’s eyes.
Same goes for the lost soul. So long as they have life they still can be saved. Their depravity makes it that much harder but there is still a chance. Why? Because God still sees value in them. If there was no value then John 3:16 would read that God sent Jesus to die for only those who would accept Him. Thank God the verse says “whosoever will”! We all have the free choice to be saved. No, I don’t comprehend what value God sees in me. I am very thankful though that He does.


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