Shoes of peace

Ephesians 6:15 “And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.”


While the picture is one of work boots, it is the laces that I saw as the most significant. The shoes that the Roman soldiers wore that Paul was observing while he was writing used laces in this fashion. They weren’t like on a normal gym shoe, coming up to the ankle and stopping. No, those shoes had laces that reached to the top of the ankle.
The spikes on the soles gave good traction where ever the wearer went but the laces gave stability. They made the shoe and the foot one with another. If the spikes got caught there was no danger of stepping out of the shoe because the shoe was holding firm to the foot.
The gospel of peace works the same way. When properly positioned no matter where we have to go, including the valley of the shadow of death we can have peace. Not our peace mind you but the peace of God which passes all understanding. The laces are in essence Jesus Christ because this peace keeps our hearts and minds through Him, Philippians 4:7.
False peace will not last. Because as soon as the going gets tough we suddenly find ourselves running away without it and stepping in every thing along the way. With the true peace of Jesus we can go through anything and never fear Him leaving us, John 14:27.


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