Lot, to not a whole lot

In Genesis we are introduced to Abraham’s nephew Lot. After Lot’s father died Abraham raised him and even took him to the promised land with him. Along the way both men got very rich, back then wealth was measured by herds and such animals more so than money. By the time chapter 19 rolls around Lot is so rich he had to separate himself from Abraham because both men had more animals than the land could support. Lot has even gone on to be a prominent member of society while living in Sodom. He had it all.
But then judgement of Sodom came there in chapter 19. Suddenly Lot found out he was really bankrupt; spiritually, morally, and financially.
In verse 8 he is shown as morally bankrupt when he offered to give his 2 virgin daughters to the men of the city to rape instead of the 2 strangers who were now in his house. In verse 14 he is shown as spiritually bankrupt when his testimony is revealed to be so bad that even though God was willing to spare him and anyone he could get to leave the city and Peter calls him “just Lot” (2 Peter 2:6,7) that his sons in law think he is crazy. After their escape before the city is destroyed Lot finds he has nothing left but his 2 virgin daughters and the clothes on their backs,  verse 31 no wealth so why would anyone want them attitude.
Lot who had has money, servants, cattle, a wife, daughters, and in laws has found out the hard way that none of it will last. But God. Remember God did spare him and the Bible does call him “just”. I believe we will see him in heaven one day but his bankruptcy will include no good testimony, only that he was saved by fire.


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