Whose light are you watching?


There is an intersection on my route that can get a little tricky. There is the main road, which is what I use most of the time, and a cross street. The cross street is the issue because it is not one continuous street. It joins the main road but does not cross it. Instead it ends there then about 50 feet down picks up again; like 2 “T” shaped intersections joined together. Because of this each side of the main road has an extra traffic light.
Surely when I am around there it is early enough so there aren’t as many cars or I am not even using the side street but occasionally I do and there is a great deal of traffic. The issue is when cars are waiting patiently for their light on the side street but a motorist on the main street is either too close to see his light or figures that both lights belong to him. Truth be told only the light that is closest to him is his the further away light belongs to those on the side street who are turning left. From time to time a driver on the main will see the further light change assume it is his and pull out into traffic, risking an accident because he was watching someone else’s light.
John 21:20,21 “Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved… Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?” Peter had just been told that one day he was going to be crucified for the cause of Christ. Not exactly what he was expecting to hear and perhaps some cause for concern. What he did though was he took his eyes off his own light and started looking at someone else’s. In this case he wanted to know what price John was going to pay for following Jesus but that wasn’t his concern and Jesus told him so.
There are things that come up in our daily walk that get us looking at someone else’s light. We see their success and want to enjoy that too or get to thinking about things that we don’t need to be focusing on and it causes us to step wrong. Sometimes the Lord rebukes us other times He let’s us go and find out for ourselves that we got it wrong but chose not to seek His will. There are those times when we are just so sure but it was all just in our heads. The hard part though is when we are so focused on the wrong light that we are virtually asleep at the wheel with our own green light from God.


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