“It’s A Sin For Preachers To Wear Colored Shirts,” He said.

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“It’s A Sin For Preachers To Wear Colored Shirts,” He said.

“A preacher should never wear colored shirts to church, much less preach in them. Apostolic preachers should only minister while wearing a white shirt and preferably, a dark suit.” That’s what the consensus was at the closed session Ministers Meeting.

The occasion was a Morning Ministers Question And Answer Session at the Anniversary Services of Christian Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bro. Paul Jordan was the pastor. My Father, Carl Ballestero, was the moderator for the discussion that day.

The questions for ‘debate’ were written on pieces of paper and placed on the pulpit. Opinions were strong and unrestrained.

The last question of the day was: “What about these young preachers wearing these colored shirts?” My father read the question to the audience and waited for their response. Ninety-nine percent seemed opposed to the idea of young preachers wearing colored…

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