Today is Groundhog Day (February 2nd). According to superstition if the groundhog does not see his shadow there will not be an extra 6 weeks of winter but if he can see his shadow we will have 6 more weeks of winter. Seems to me it is really just an excuse to complain about how long winter is and for people to party. It is a stupid-stition.
There was another superstition that was held during Bible times. It held that when a person died their soul would hang around the body for 3 days and then depart for Sheol, the abode of the dead. At that point it was too late for the person to come back to life.
In John chapter 11 Jesus dispelled that belief. His friend Lazarus had died and by the time Jesus arrived on the scene he had been dead for 4 days (v39). In fact Martha, Lazarus’ sister told Jesus that by now he would be stinking from his body decaying in the grave. Jesus wasn’t concerned about the superstition of the departed soul, for He is the Prince of Life, nor was He worried about the state of the dead body. He simply had the stone removed and commanded Lazarus to come forth.
In spite of the widely held belief that it was too late, the original myth buster proved His power and raised Lazarus back to life. One day Lazarus would have to die again but the next time he is raised it will be forever in a perfect sinless body! And that is no superstition, it is a fact!

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