So the other day my boss calls me and says I won the lottery. My first thought is I am in trouble and my second was that I don’t play. After assuring me I wasn’t in trouble he informed me that I am next up to get one of the new delivery trucks we are getting. In all honesty given how small my route is, especially of late (hello pitiful paychecks) I figured I would be one of the last drivers to get a new truck.
Turns out since I make an effort to keep mine clean unlike some of my co-workers the boss is rewarding me with getting a new truck sooner than them.
It comes with more responsibilities. Obviously cleanliness inside and out. I have to fuel the truck since these are gasoline instead of my old diesel which we have a service that comes and fuels those. Still a brand new truck does sound nice.
It reminded me of one of the parables Jesus gave, about a master who went into a far country and left his servants in charge of some money. While he was gone he expected them to use that money on his behalf to make even more money for him. When he returned each servant was given the chance to account for what had happened to his sum. Those who gained, even a little, he called them good and faithful servants and rewarded them for their faithfulness (Luke 19:17).
Will Jesus find us faithful to Him some day? Will He be able to reward us for following His instructions?


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