Well used


Do you see it?

I’ll give you a hint, there is a finger pointing at it.

This is a pulpit I recently stood behind. What I am talking about is the worn look of the wood. Many hands have rested there during the reading of God’s Holy Word. How many sermons have been preached from behind this sacred desk over the decades I do not know.


This particular pulpit I am standing behind is the cast iron pulpit that Billy Sunday preached from. It is bolted to the floor over at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. He had to use this because as a former baseball player for the Chicago White Sox he was so strong that he had a habit of destroying wooden pulpits during the course of his sermons! I guess he wasn’t very tall though because I am 6′-3″ and it only reached my belt. Still I am sure this cast iron pulpit has been well used over the years.
The pulpit or the sacred desk, which ever you prefer, has no power in it. At the nursing home where I go to preach I have no stand at all to rest my Bible. It is really only a place for the preacher to lay his Bible and notes while he preaches. A place for the congregation to center it’s attention.
Can I ask you this though, is the place where you rest your beliefs well worn or does your stand change with the wind? Is the Bible the center of your attention or is it something else? In your last days, when your body is worn, will you still cling to that familiar support of God’s word or will it be foreign to you?
At the end of Paul’s well worn life, his stance was still sure. He still preached the same Blood, the same book, and the same beliefs. And he still wanted to learn more, 2 Timothy 4:13 “… when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments.” Those books most likely were what we call the Old Testament and the parchments more than likely contained the letters that would one day make up portions of the New Testament. Still though this well worn man wanted to know more about his Saviour Jesus Christ. Do we?


2 thoughts on “Well used

  1. Thank you Brother Dennis! You are such a Blessing, thank you for what you do for the Lord! Sure glad I clicked on the link, sure Blessed me and I needed that today! Love you Brother In Christ!

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