A glorious THUD

2 Kings 5:27 “… And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.”
This is right after when the prophet Elisha had healed a man named Naaman of his leprosy. Elisha had refused payment but his servant Gehazi thought he knew better. The temptation for him was to think about the future and the future needs. Gehazi fell for it and went into sin by going and lying to Naaman about a need that had just arisen, lying to Elisha about what he was up to, and worst of all not trusting God. He was punished by God by receiving the same leprosy that Elisha had healed Naaman of.
Temptation comes in many forms and each of us has temptation(s) that work on us. It could be porn, money, drugs, work, etc. Due diligence on our part is required because the enemy is ALWAYS looking to attack us. The most opportune times are when we are tired (physically, emotionally, or spiritually), when we are frustrated by circumstances or people, angry, depressed, sick or injured, basically any time when we are not walking right next to God. Our enemy has patience and will wait for such a time as that we have let our guard down. There are times when we will be walking with God real close but the enemy may flash some temptation at us to get us to stop or relentlessly bombard us in an effort to make us yield to his “superior power”. The devil and his demons are more powerful than us but God is more powerful by Himself than all the forces of hell combined. Trouble is we take our eyes off Him and wind up discovering another glorious thud.
Don’t revel in that thud. Prayer for forgiveness and get back to God. Satan wants you to think you went too far thus time. That there is no grace and mercy for what you did this time. A whipping from your Father might be coming but that is because He loves you and wants to correct you. Seek His peace. It is for the best.


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